Wings of Freedom…

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has this been done yet

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I love you guys and all… but you’re starting to all scare me the more I get on this site.




look at this fucker

The video still makes it look like it’s dead or something but it’s not it’s cool I watched it he’s fine.

okay so my stepdad walked in on the part where the guy just kept saying “oh yeah” over and over and then he just slowly walked back out

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Hope for Kingdom Hearts III

1. (Most wanted) I’d love for Sora to be able to release his heart at will, which allows him to turn into his nobody(ies) Roxas and Xion, and at first you fail a few time which turns you into a dusk maybe? Idk, I like this idea a lot and would love to see it

2. I don’t want a “Final Mix,” unless it’s released outside of Japan, and is in other languages than Japanese… it takes away a lot of the fun, it’s not a huge difference, but it’s nice to have..

3. Gummi ship needs to go

I’m probably sounding really stupid, but I do think the “Heart Release” idea would be pretty amazing!

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proving someone wrong after an intense argument


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